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Microsoft SharePoint 2019

Master the basics of SharePoint, such as working with lists, libraries, and forms; page customization; and managing sites, site permissions, and users.

$795.00 (USD)

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  1. SharePoint 2019 End User Training
    1. SharePoint 2019 Introduction
      1. SharePoint Versions
      2. Team Site Layout and Navigation
      3. Layout
      4. Navigation
      5. Exercise: Team Site Navigation
    2. SharePoint List Basics
      1. Creating Apps Using List Templates
      2. Creating Lists
      3. Creating Lists Using List Templates
      4. List Columns
      5. Creating List Columns
      6. Column Validation
      7. Validating a List Column
      8. Exercise: Working with Team Site Lists
      9. Exercise: Create Custom Lists and Columns
    3. Library Basics
      1. Library Templates
      2. Creating Libraries
      3. Creating a Document Library and Adding Columns
      4. Creating an Asset Library
      5. Managing Documents and Versioning
      6. Checking Out Documents
      7. Deleting and Restoring Documents
      8. Versioning
      9. Exercise:Working with Team Site Libraries
      10. Exercise: Creating Libraries
      11. Exercise: Document Versioning
    4. Working with Lists and Library Views
      1. Default Views
      2. Explore Default Views
      3. Custom Views
      4. How to Create a Custom View
      5. Exercise: Working with Views
      6. Exercise: Creating Public and Personal Views
    5. Working with Sites
      1. Site Templates
      2. Creating Sites
      3. Creating a Team Site
      4. Site Navigation
      5. Managing Site Navigation
      6. Exercise: Creating Team Sites
      7. Exercise: Creating a Meeting Workspace
      8. Exercise: Creating a Blog Site
    6. Page Content
      1. Wiki Library Pages
      2. Editing the Team Site Home Page
      3. Web Part Pages
      4. Creating a Web Part Page
      5. Working with Web Parts
      6. Adding Web Parts to Pages
      7. Exercise: Working with Wiki Pages
      8. Exercise: Working with Web Part Pages and Web Parts
    7. Site Columns and Content Types
      1. Site Column Gallery
      2. Explore the Site Column Gallery
      3. Creating Site Columns
      4. Create a Custom Site Column
      5. Add a Site Column to a List
      6. Site Content Type Gallery
      7. Explore the Site Content Types Gallery
      8. Creating Content Types
      9. How to Create and Use Content Types
      10. Exercise: Creating and Working with Content Types
      11. Exercise: Adding a Content Type to a Library
    8. Office Integration
      1. Excel Integration
      2. Import Excel Spreadsheet to List
      3. Export List Data to Excel
      4. Outlook Integration
      5. Create an Alert
      6. Subscribe to a List's RSS Feed
      7. Connect to Outlook
      8. Access Integration
      9. Open a List with Access
    9. Managing SharePoint Site Permissions
      1. SharePoint Groups
      2. Assigning Permissions
      3. Permission Levels
      4. Permissions Inheritance
      5. Exercise: Working with SharePoint Permissions
    10. Participating in User Communities
      1. Configure User Profiles and My Sites
      2. Newsfeeds
      3. People Newsfeeds
      4. Documents Newsfeed
      5. Sites Newsfeed
      6. Tags Newsfeed
      7. Managing Personal Sites
      8. Exercise: Managing and Viewing Personal Information and Content
  2. SharePoint 2019 Power User Training
    1. Content Approval
      1. Enabling Content Approval
      2. Content Approval Workflows
    2. Creating Custom Workflows with SharePoint Designer
      1. Workflow Basics
      2. Custom List Workflows
      3. Workflow Actions
      4. Workflow Stages and Conditions
      5. Workflow Initiation Form
      6. Site Workflows
    3. Working with Managed Metadata
      1. Creating a Term Store Group and Term Set
      2. Creating Metadata Columns in Lists and Libraries
      3. Publishing Content Types
    4. Business Connectivity Services
      1. Business Connectivity Services Basics
      2. Creating an External Content Type with SharePoint Designer
      3. Creating a List from an External Content Type
    5. Information Management Policy
      1. Information Management Policy Basics
      2. Define and Information Policy for a Content Type
      3. Defining Information Policy for a List
    6. Content Organizer
      1. Activating the Content Organizer Feature
      2. Configuring Content Organizer Settings
      3. Configuring Content Organizer Rules
    7. Document ID Service
      1. Activating the Document ID Feature
      2. Configuring Document ID Settings
      3. Linking Documents Using Their Document ID
    8. Document Sets
      1. Activating the Document Sets Feature
      2. Creating a Document Set Content Type
      3. Adding a Document Set Content Type of a Library
    9. SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure
      1. Activating the SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure
      2. Publishing Infrastructure Basics
      3. Creating Pages with Page Layouts
    10. Configuring and Consuming Site Search Results
      1. Search SharePoint for Content
      2. SharePoint Search Center



You've got questions.
We're here to help.

Our highly knowledgeable Enrollment Specialists will answer any questions you might have about the course and payment options.





You've got questions.
We're here to help.

Our highly knowledgeable Enrollment Specialists will answer any questions you might have about the course and payment options.

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